Our Mission


Angel Strong is dedicated to improving the lives of the economically challenged, especially children who have been orphaned by or exposed to HIV/AIDS.

Using the traditional African village (and its inherent ubuntu values of cooperation and joint responsibility) as a model, the community works together to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope, safety, education and sustainable growth to all residents.

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Welcome to South Africa

Botshibelo is situated in the rural grasslands of Gauteng Province, South Africa, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) northwest of Johannesburg. From there, it takes about two hours to reach Botshibelo by car.

The remote location of Botshibelo means that there is little infrastructure, and so adaptation and ingenuity are requirements for survival. Income-generating opportunities are rare in this rural area, and so the community must be as self-sustaining as possible.

Our region is arid, and so water can be scarce. This problem has been compounded by the fact that 200 years ago, European settlers introduced many non-native trees and plants to the region. These plants have since proliferated and they soak up massive amounts of water that used to flow down from the mountains into the streams. As our population grows, so does our need for water.

We face challenges, not problems. We are the custodians of this planet.

100% of donations go to the orphanage

Angel Strong supports the care of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

We Need Your Help

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Your donation will help educate, support a growing orphanage, provide medical treatment and strengthen the Botshibelo community.

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Botshibelo houses 250 AIDS and economic orphans in South Africa.